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Review by Paige Turner:


From Timna to Mars is a mind blowing read.


Wow, this book is a lot more than I expected. It is a gripping and thrilling book that makes you open your mind and do some deep soul searching. I really enjoyed it and reality of the plot really hit home. The intrigue and mystery are intense and held me from the start. Making me realizes we need to stop and rethink many of the daily things we do or we will all suffer. We only have one earth and we are killing it slowly. The well defined characters are perfect for the story and really worked well together. The detailing is outstanding, and although it is very scientific, it is easy to comprehend. I felt like I was right there. It is written in a smooth and easy flow, impossible to put down. It is one of the best I have read. I love the depth of the author's mind and I would like to see more. He is truly gifted. I highly recommend this book, it is awesome.5.0 out of 5 stars

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"FROM TIMNA TO MARS": Searching for Rare Earth Metals is a unique and exciting book to read. The author does an excellent job taking real world issues and creating a suspense novel around possibilities. Rare earth metals are being used in much of modern devices we enjoy, yet by definition there are a finite amount of these metals available. He has taken this little heard of crisis and presenteda fascinating novel around the importance these metals have in our lives. He has excellent character development and is able to make you feel like you are having the experiences of the main novel characters. The other thing the author does exceptionally well is keep the book moving. There is continual suspense and once you start reading you do not want to put the book down. The book can be considered a science fiction or a suspense novel. The book covers the story of professor and archeologists Avner Amram and his Wife Daphna who discover a rare earth metal, rhenium, in pure form in the Timna Caves in Israel. As they contemplate what to do with this metal and who they should tell of their discovery, the plot thickens quickly. Every country uses the metal to build everything from turbine blades to jet engines. It has the advantage of a very high melting point making it the perfect metal for high temperature applications. The author does an amazing job at articulating real life global concerns over rare earth metals. What would happen if one country hoarded the metals or used them to gain international power? While these metals are difficult to find and extract, our modern day technology relies greatly on their existence. What happens if we run out of these metals on earth, what then? As he explores the “what if’s” of these important economic questions, the reader is taken on a journey that includes global consequences and worldwide government espionage and intrigue. The main characters entertain the idea of finding rare metals in outer space, particularly on the planet mars and nearby asteroids. The archeologists have invented a machine that can detect the presence rare earth metals at these far away locations.

As secrets are leaked and governments race to gain control, for the purpose of more world power, the reader is carried along for a gripping ride. The book is filled with suspense and page turning events with unexpected twists and turns all along the way. It gives a whole new view on what can be accomplished with space travel.

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Feathered Quill Book Reviews


From Timna to Mars


For the mass of readers who want nothing more than to be swept up in a super fast, thrilling ride with spies, counterintelligence agents, masterminds of science, and countries that rule everything from the world’s finances to industries across the board - THIS is the book for you!


An F-16 falls from the sky as the pilot parachutes out and is saved…An F-16, with an Ace pilot at the helm mysteriously crashes in Oahu…A KGB officer is told to find the answer to a mysterious 1908 explosion in order to discover a special substance that the Kremlin wants before anyone else has a chance to get it… And all this in just the first two pages.

Professor Daphna Amran is a brilliant woman who has a slight obsession when it comes to King Solomon, and finding the location of anything that he left behind from his reign. When she is excavating and stumbles over the opening to an unexplored cave, she is beyond excited. However, she gets even more so when the samples she brings back to her lab show a very rare metal embedded in the sediment. The presence of this metal will open up a huge race between superpowers, as well as the ‘junior,’ Israel, as they struggle to find a way to get this rare-earth metal before it’s too late.

Daphna’s husband, Avner, has his own long resume, and he becomes more than a bit interested with his wife’s discovery. He and his company soon land a contract to build a certain piece of technology that will be able to find these rare-earth metals in space - whether that be on asteroids, Mars, or anywhere else in the big dark solar system.

This is a very important project. After all, scientists have told the people in power, from the

President to the Prime Minister, that rare-earth metals disappearing is not an issue to ignore; if they are lost completely, before no new source is found, industries would go bankrupt and the entire economic state of the world would basically fall apart. Unfortunately, as with a great deal of important matters, the scientists are ignored.

Things change, of course, when agents and spies get involved, all doing their best, playing their greatest roles, using code words, and meeting up with people who may or may not be on their side, to steal technology and information. In this case, ignorance is no longer bliss.

The red herrings are many, as various characters from the CIA, FBI, Mossad and more, race against each other to be the first to discover a new source of these metals that would put their country in the driver’s seat when it came to wielding power. As Daphna and Avran work with friends, as well as others who may be more than a bit shady, to build a

technological marvel that will locate these rare-earth metals, each and every country vies to steal the data in order to claim success for themselves.

The oddest part? The source that must be found may be far closer than anyone thinks; and the realm of an ancient King may just be the link they need to find it.


Quill says: Fast-paced, exhilarating and extremely intelligent, there is not a moment of downtime in this incredible novel!





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