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Pictures Before 1930

   Shlomo & Simcha Anouchi  

Ennouchi Family

Atiyah Family Pictures

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Iris Elaine Anouchi



Iris Elaine Anouchi was an accomplished artist -

a painter, a Persian and Chinese rug weaver

and an exceptional piano player. Born in Lynn, Massachusetts, she grew up in Everett, Massachusets and Fort-Wayne, Indiana. She lived in Israel with her husband Avraham and

fell in love with the country. Iris lost her battle

with cancer and is buried in Haifa.



Avraham Y. Anouchi



Avraham Anouchi is an author, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. his published books are "The Legacy" memoir in English, "Igeret Hamassoret" memoir in Hebrew, "The Hidden Scroll" historical novel and "From Timna to Mars" in English. His new book is "From Toledo to Haifa", an  autobiography scheduled   for publication in October or November , 2016.






"From Timna to Mars" Front Cover

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The Anouchi Scholarships


The Anouchi scholarships provide tuition assistance for students in academic and scientific institutions in Israel. The Fund was established by her husband in memory of Iris. It is managed by the School of Medicine at the Technion Insttute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. In the past two decades, the Iris Anouchi fund has granted scholarships every year.


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