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“This spell-binding mystery is rooted in biblical archaeology. The author makes the subject come to life. Take ‘The Hidden Scroll’ on your next airplane trip. It is a guarantee against boredom, even if the plane fails to arrive on time.”.......... Professor Joseph W. Eaton, GSPIA, University of Pittsburgh.

"Avraham Anouchi offers us a mystery that joins together history and archaeology against the background of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The story is vivid in its descriptions and characterizations." .....Professor Alex Orbach, Director of Jewish Studies, University of Pittsburgh.
"The Hidden Scroll is an archeological thriller in the genre of The Di Vinci Code, though focused on Jewish history. Jewish professor Avner Amram is following clues to a lost scroll written by Judah the Maccabee, the acclaimed Jewish leader in the mid 160's BC. The story ranges from the mid 1930s, into the near future, and ties in story lines involving the Dali Lama, the British Mandate of Palestine, and Israel's history through it all. The search for the missing scroll also takes the reader through much of the history of the Jewish diaspora as Amram and his colleagues follow historical clues and documents from around the world, each one leading to the next.

Anouchi straddles the line between historical facts and fiction fairly well. The story line holds together well, and will be intriguing to fans of archaeological stories and those interested in Jewish history. Anouchi's obvious interest in his subject shows, and his protagonist mirrors some of his own experiences and history. The Hidden Scroll is an engaging book set amid the history of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict.".....
San Francisco Review Publication  

"The Hidden Scroll is a very interesting plot. By starting with the riots at Hebron it plunges us straight into the horrors of events at that time and place. Ibn Najad is introduced in the middle of his violent activities. The suspense is built up with excitement. Ibn's sudden call to meet the Mufti and be involved in setting up a covert organization aimed at getting the Jews out of Palestine is a surprising twist in the plot. Then comes the birth of Avner Amram, and his father's decision, ' I'll teach my son to defend the Jews from pogroms.' The two sides have been set up, and the scroll which Avner's father sees in his dream is clearly going to be at the heart of the action. The plot is developed well, and the characters are vivid and realistic. The narrative style is excellent, fast moving and exciting. One of the best historic thrillers of 2009. "   Gerry MaCullough, author of 'Belfast Girsls'. .

"The Hidden Scroll has the feel of Dan Brown set in a much more interesting setting, and from the writing in the first chapter, it's better than Dan Brown's prose too!.....Very intriguing stuff!".....Simon Betterton, author of 'Back to Life".

"This is a work of weight and scholastic achievement, combining elements of drama, mystery and the esoteric, interwoven with a centuries old conflict and the fight for survival. Intense research is used to provide the story with credibility, in addition to the universal appeal of espionage and an historical connection that is still relevant today. The Hidden Scroll deserves to do well!"......Ian Roberts, author of 'Back the Sun' and "Color of Mud at Night'.