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Biography of A.Y.Anouchi - Author and President of AYA Instruments, Inc.


                        Harvard University, Cambridge, MA  -       Master of Engineering - Electronics   


Professional Positions  

    • Former Chief Engineer - Environmental Division - E.G.&G. - Waltham, MA
    • Former Vice President of Engineering - United Technologies Corporation -Instruments Division.
    • President and FounderA high technology manufacturer of electronic instruments.



    • “The Legacy” - A Memoir
    • "Igeret Hamassoret" –  A Memoir published in Hebrew
    • "The Hidden Scroll" - An Archaeological Adventure


Non Technical Articles

  • Hebrew articles in the monthly “LAMISHPACHA”


Technical Articles

  • “Displacement Measurement System for Diesel Pumps and Injectors.” Published in the 1979 - IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements.
  • “Sonic Anemometer with No Moving Parts”. Symposium on Automation in Offshore Oil Field Operation in Norway.          
  • “Self-oriented Electromagnetic Ocean Current Meter”. Instruments Society of America Conference on Oceanographic Instrumentation
  • “Ocean Current Measurements”.   Instruments Society of America.
  • “Amplification Factor of Junction Transistors”.  Electronic Components Symposium, Washington, DC
  • “Transistor Output Pairs”. Western Electronics Conference (WESCON)
  • “Measuring Transistor Noise Figure”. Proceedings of the I.R.E.



  • “Time-Interval Rate Meter for Time Measuring Devices…”.
    • US Patent No. 3811314 –  May 21, 1974
  • “Catalytic Gas Sensor.”
    • US Patent No. 4447397 - on May 8, 1984
    • UK Patent No. 8320765(A)
  • “Catalytic Gas Detection Instrument.”
    • US Patent No. 4541988 – September 17, 1985.


Professional and Scientific Society Memberships             

     Institute of Electrical Engineers of America (IEEE)

     Instrument Society of America (ISE) – Former Member

     Society of Photo-Optical Instrument Engineers (SPIE) – Former Member



     Fluent:                 English, Hebrew and French.

    Semi Fluent:        Spanish