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THE HIDDEN SCROLL - A Historical Novel

The Hidden Scroll is an historical novel spanning from 1930 to 2015 on an archaeology professor impassioned by his search for ancient parchments and artifacts from the time of the second Temple of Jerusalem and the Maccabeean era. He encounters obstacles by a radical Islamist organization dedicated to undermine the Jewish claim to the land of Israel – obstacles that include murders, kidnappings, spies, suicide bombers and forged parchments in Rome, Paris, Oran, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Tibet and archaeological excavations in Israel. The search ends with two most unexpected and dramatic discoveries in a new excavation site in Israel.

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The Hidden Scroll - A HIstorical Novel by A.Y.Anouchi

IGERET HAMASSORET - A Memoir in Hebrew

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Igeret Hamassoret

THE LEGACY - A Memoir in English

This memoir was inspired by my desire to publish my experiences while growing up in Haifa, the city that I love. It is written in the form of a letter from a grandfather to his very young grandchildren,

Jewish history and traditions are woven into the manuscript to keep the interest of young adult Jewish children. The essence of this book can be summed up in two words - PASSION and TRADITION. The former is the passion for the land of Israel; and the latter is the desire to pass the Jewish tradition, the Massoret, to the next generation.